Sunday, March 9, 2008

One Year of Driving

One year ago today I got a car, the first time I've owned one in 14 years. Here are some interesting statistics I collected.

  • Miles driven: 12148
  • Gallons of Gas: 400, total cost $1343.00
  • Tons of CO2 produced: 4.0
  • Rides given: too many to count
  • Insurance cost: $670
  • Repairs $173
  • Taxes: $160
  • Other: $759 (Car washes, parking, new tires)
  • Car payments: $3600

Parking at work costs $40/month; my commute to work is half the time now (25-30 minutes, rather than an hour).

I like having a car now, it really helps me to do a lot of things, and help a lot of people. But I do miss the hole that it put into my budget, too! I think that the decision to get one was good.