Sunday, April 10, 2005

Adventures on the Shangahai Transit

Here's a special edition of Adventures on the CTA. I'm up late at night, absolutely wide awake because of jet lag, because of my trip to Shanghai. To pass the time I thought I'd tell a CTA like story. Here are a few pictures of the Shanghainese equivalent of the El. The first thing to notice is the TV set on the tunnel. It tells you when the next train is coming. Very cool! The subway is also very popular here. Here's a picture of what greeted my when I was about to get on the subway during rush hour. Dive in! In all, though, their system is very clean, and it only costs 2-4 RMB (25 - 50 cents!) to ride. And when it's not rush hour, it's not nearly so crowded. The other cool thing I got to do was ride the maglev train to the airport. I didn't get many pictures, but the inside looks like an airplane. It takes 7.5 minutes to get from the city to the airport. Finally, I'll leave you all with this imporant safety tip from the Shanghai public transit.

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