Thursday, October 20, 2005

Arm Photon Torpedoes

So, it's been 75+ days, and I still have not gotten back my security deposit from my former landlord. Chicago gives them 45 days, after which I can sue for double + legal expenses. I've called several times and gotten a different excuse each time, so the other day I sent a nastygram. Very polite, very professional, with a complete log of our communications (cell phones are cool!) and a Final Deadline. I gave him until the end of the month. If I don't have the check by then, it will be time to start asking my lawyer friends for a referral. I'd rather not have to go that route; it's nasty and time consuming. But I can't let this behavior continue, either.... Update: The deposit just showed up! It was two days after I mailed the other one, so he could have gotten that in time. Or maybe he sent it a bit earlier. There's no postmark on the envelope (weird) so I can't tell. I called to tell him that I received it. Moral: if you're going to do business, be organized. Not fulfilling terms of a contract looks the same whether it's by disorganization or malice.

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