Saturday, February 11, 2006

Brew #20; Bottled!

I decided it was time to bottle Brew #20, the Blackberry Honey and Cherry mead. Of course, I made sure to sample some. It's a cloudy yellow color, it actually looks quite like a belgian beer, because I didn't have any bentonite and didn't care too much what it looked like. :-) It has cherries on the nose and finish. It tastes like there is just a hint of carbonation, but it's only there if you look for it. Here is the final chart.
Date of Mixing: November 30, 2005
Date of Bottling: February 11, 2006

  • Honey
    6lb Blackberry Honey
  • Fruit
    2.2 oz dried Cherries
  • Water
    circa 2 gallons
  • Other
    About 2t Yeast Nutrient

Original Specific Gravity: 1.082 (quite low)
Expected Final Specific Gravity: 0.998
Expected Alcohol Content: 12%
Gallons in Fermenter: about 3 gallons
Yeast: Red Star dried Champaign yeast
Quantity: 900mL
Time of Pitching: 23:00
Lag Time: < 1 day
Number of Days in Fermenter: 73
Final Gravity: 0.998
Alcohol Content: 12%
Yield: 2.5 gallons

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