Friday, June 2, 2006

Sick and Sushi

I've been sick the last few days. The first day, Tuesday, was the worst. I spent most of the day in bed with a 103 fever. Or at least, it would have been, except that the times I wasn't in bed I was getting up to drink fluids and eat Ibuprofen. That Ibuprofen stuff is wonderful. The next few days the fever stayed at or below 100. The only realy problem is at night my throat gets dry and tickles, so I can't sleep because I'm coughing.

I'm mostly better now, I think my immune system has almost finished off the last pockets of resistance. Nothing too uncomfortable, but I find it nearly impossible to concentrate when I have a fever. So it ended up being a forced vacation. Hopefully tonight I will be able to sleep okay.

Yesterday, I decided to learn how to cook some new dishes. I like gormet cooking, and I've decided that I need to do a lot more of it, even if it takes a little more time, since I end up eating food that's a lot healthier than what is available quickly.

I learned how to make Dashi stock, thanks to a blog about Japanese food, and in particular this post. I used it to make miso soup with udon noodles. It's suprisingly easy to make!

The next day, I got some nori, made some sushi-rice, and made some kim-bop (that's Korean for "maki" or "sushi rolls", I think), and some sushi with smoked salmon. Note, you need a really sharp knife to cut kim-bop. Here's the result:

Note to parents: no, this fish is not raw, it's smoked.

I'll use raw fish next time. :-)

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Amy said...

Mmm, I want some!! :) (The food, not germs.)
I hope you're feeling 100% again soon.
Grace and peace,